Software Development - Build Projects

This is a purely project-based course. It is geared toward beginners, but intermediate developers can also enjoy creating new things. This course includes 5 mini projects in JavaScript, React & Python that relate to the DOM (Document Object Model). Here is a list of what we will learn in this course:


Emmanuel Mtera

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What you will learn.


Get started with Python and write your first program

What you will learn.

JavaScript and React JS

You'll learn how to make your sites dynamic and interactive. You'll be able to include elements users can engage with, like dynamic menus, interactive maps, and auto-filled forms. Add in a JavaScript library like React JS, and you’ll make building sites even quicker and more efficient.

What you will learn.


Besides being able to build the part of the web that users see and interact with (the front end), programming will allow you to to create and organize the invisible back end of sites, apps, and much more.

What you will learn.

What it takes

Understand what it takes to become a software developer

What you will learn.

Git and GitHub.

This will help you manage your own projects or let you seamlessly join a group of developers.


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